Is time travel possible? I don’t know but am about to try an experiment which is very low tech but should allow for anyone reading this blog in the future to show whether time travel really possible or not. The experiment will essentially go like this

Approximately every 3 months (give or take) I will publish a codeword and an email address. That code word will have been selected 3 months prior and retained in a filing system not connected to the Internet. Anyone that has knowledge of the future can email the address and/or provide a comment on the blog here.

The comment should provide information which clearly shows foreknowledge of a soon to come event which is not easily guested at. The event predicted should be something that can be verified within 3 months of the prediction. So examples of such information would be along the lines of

  • Significant world event(s) (political, geographical, cosmic events, births, deaths, etc.)
  • Significant weather event(s) (rainfall, temperature, snowfall, etc..)
  • Stock values at a given date and time
  • Sport scores at a given date and time
  • Winning lottery numbers (personally this would be helpful ;-)

So for example, the code word and email might be something like

Code Word: crispers enginery 
Validity Dates: Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2008

The email address will only be valid for the period of time indicated and will be taken down prior to being published on the web site here. As of the date and time of this posting the first email address has been created and is ready to accept emails. 

For those that are interested in the odds of someone selecting the code word and email address correctly through random chance, they are approximately 24,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. So the odds are definitely stacked in the favour of only someone who is either lucky in the extreme or someone that can send a message back in time to show that time travel is in fact possible.

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