This web site is about miscellaneous ramblings having to do with scientific, philosophical, and political investigations involving both the weird and strange.

The general idea is to provide a forum for exploring various thought experiments because one never really knows how utterly stupid something sounds until one has put it in print.

It is important to note that there is no attempt being made here in order to validate either the science, politics, or philosophy involved nor proposed solutions or consequences of such investigations.

The exploration of rational thought experiments typically starts with a series of bad assumptions about good science that go off in wrong directions using incomplete information but that can often lead to inspirational ideas as the missing bits and pieces of what is unknown start to fall into place.

So if you don’t like or disagree with something, post a reply and show where the logic falls apart. Ya never know where some crazy idea might take you.

Disclaimer: There are very few topics which are so hallowed that they won’t be tolerated. That being said, any comments found on the web site that are objectionable including personal attacks on others, hate propaganda, and other material which constitute non-constructive dialogue may be removed without notice.

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