Everyone thinks they know what is going to happen in the future. Most of us are wrong. But its interesting in some cases to see based on our own myotic view of the universe. Do those ideals represent biases in understanding ourselves, do they show a greater understanding of what is going on around us, or are they just a wild lucky guess (or unlucky as the case may be). 

Date Prediction What actually happened

Prediction: Dominion and Smartmatic to update their lawsuits on disinformation to include Donald Trump after the impeachment is over.

Reason: Right now the inclusion of Donald Trump in these lawsuits could be problematic as it seems Donald has not directly implicated either company other than to retweet information put forward by his media/law team. Having said that, they were his team and as such he could be considered complicite in the promotion of a false narrative leading to economic loss for both of these companies. Holding off until the impeachment is over however would provide additional justification for these companies depending on which way the Senate votes. If it goes against Donald then I could see the lawsuits being updated based on those findings. If it goes in favour of Donald then its unlikely that Dominion or Smartmatic will feel they are in a winnable position to include him in the suits already filed.

Pending: March-April 2021

Prediction: This will be Mitch McConnell’s last term as Senator for Kentucky.

Reason: Mitch McConnell appears to be going against Donald Trump and other conspiracy theorist’s perception that he won the election to the point of calling out other GOP leaders and supporting, in his own way, the impeachment process. Usually politicians put more of themselves into their ideals in Congress and the Senate once they have made up their minds they aren’t going to run again. I feel that this is a signal that after 7 terms in office McConnell is going to retire after this term is over.

Pending: November 2026