There are only three things about a person that truly matter: the heart, the mind, and the soul. Everything else is window dressing.

Professionalism is caring as much about the quality of your work on the last day of your contract as you did on the first.

Good project management is not about managing the culture to fit the process.
Good project management is about managing the process to fit the culture.

Corollary: Sometimes the culture is the problem, but that shouldn’t be the default position on a project. If the culture is faulty, then there is more to be fixed than just what is going wrong on your project.

Culture is what you get when you stick a bunch of people in a room with limited resources and lock the door behind them

The best we can do is hope that those lives we do touch we do so in a meaningful way and are remembered for it after we pass on.

The internet is not a substitute for building deep personal relationships with your customer base.

Ottawa is a small northern Ontario town that just happens to have a quarter million civil servants.

The three hallmarks of long-term success in business are a) ethics over earnings, b) the journey over the race and c) consistency. Being first is not as important as providing value in the eyes of those you serve. If your view of the universe is so myopic that all you can see is the bottom line, chances are your customers will have moved onto other relationships where their opinion matters.

Things are never so bad that they can’t possibly get worse. There is no bottom to the depths at which one can find oneself. The important thing to remember is that there is always a ladder somewhere to climb out if we but look for it and hold fast to the idea that the glass is always half full.

Being virtual is a four-way balancing act between architecting the future, sculpting social culture, and planting the seeds of inner growth, all the while being both the participant and the observer.

Yes the future is bright – no one promised it would be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Retiring young is for old people.

There is such a thing as a stupid question. Questions which acknowledge a lack of understanding, and lead to greater awareness enabling growth, are the best type of stupid questions and should be encouraged.

Questions asked just for the sake of asking a question, to misdirect, to obfuscate understanding, to detract from enabling growth, or are belittling to others are, in fact, stupid and have no place in learning.

Our sense of touch binds all life together from the smallest amoeba to the great blue whales. It is the universal expression of consciousness and connection to our place in time and space. Touch engenders the best and the worst of what it is to exist. To love. To hate. To be kind. To be cruel. Touch is the only means by which harmony and balance is constructed with our environment. It is the only means to salvation when all other lights have dimmed or faded in the obscurity of other sensations.

There is no good or evil there is simply interpretation of meaning in the here and now.

First Rule of Innovation: If people waited for cross-validation of every idea, new ideas would never get off the ground. You have to start somewhere by making connections and then proving, or disproving, irrespective of what others may consider valid.

Consistency is one step, in a series of steps, that ends when we eventually cross over to whatever lies beyond.

The goal in life is to love, to be loved, and to be happy doing it.

A colour isn’t just a colour, its how it makes you feel.

Good neighbours help each other, not sit on the sidelines with marshmallows.

Democracy is not about getting it right, its about getting it better.

Nothing in life is ever truly fair.
The idea is to create a today, that is more fair than yesterday, and that will lead to a fairer tomorrow.

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